Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Homeschool Valentine's Day Activities

I loved having a Valentine's Day outing when my daughter was younger. As she's gotten older, we've simplified things a great deal but I still want her to feel special.

In the past, we used to go out to lunch on Valentine's Day or the day before, depending upon when the day fell. I wanted to miss the crowd and have a nice lunch to ourselves. Of course, if your child was in school you wouldn't be able to do this but as a homeschooler, you get the freedom to enjoy this.

While at lunch I'd give my daughter a card and a small trinket, like a bracelet or charm or something. What you decide to give will depend upon your child. Show them you know and love them by selecting something special just for them.

Of course, you can extend this a bit and have your children exchange cards with one another too. You can also hang up some decorations around your living room. These always make the time more festive. I usually do this too but since we're in the midst of moving, I didn't get to do so this year and I must say, I really miss it.

Hopefully this will give you a few ideas to make your Valentine's Day more special this year... Happy Valentine's Day!

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