Friday, February 6, 2015

Chp. 1 Of "Motivate Your Child"

So, I've finally managed to read through the first chapter of "Motivate Your Child" and I have to say that it makes a lot of sense to me. As a Mom, I've thought a lot about the fact that there are two consciences but I've never seen anyone put it into words that I could so easily understand. I mean, there is definitely the "fear" of what will happen to us if we do something like break the law but inside there's also the motivation to do what's right. This wasn't something I knew how to name before, but I knew it was there. I also didn't know where it came from but now it makes sense that it's something that we as parents instill there. I mean I thought that before but didn't know how to make it work, if that makes sense. I guess this is something that we'll get to know more about throughout this book. It's just interesting for me to look back it now as a parent to a teenage daughter. What do you think about this first chapter?

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